The HTA102 is a digital sound level meter capable of carrying out standard control tests on environmental noises, sound levels, noise pollution etc.
It permits to effect recordings of sound pressure level (SLP) with selectable sampling intervals. 
HTA102 is fitted with USB output for PC connection and SoundLink software supplied as standard accessory. 
A real time recording (Data Logger) can be realized displaying results in the form of graphs and saving data under text format.
HTA102 is provided with a portable calibrator to carry out preliminary checks and packed inside a carryng case along with all measurement accessories.

HT Instruments HTA102 Sound Level Meter Class 2 with Calibrator

  • Noise measurement resolution 0,1 dB
      -10°C / 60°C - <75%RH
    Size (L x W x H) 260x65x50 mm
    Weight 280 gr
    Internal memory for data saving 32.700 recordings
    Backlit LCD display 4 digit
    Measurement of sound pressure level (SPL) Auto 30/130
    Noise measuring range from 30 dB to 130 dB
    Measurement of sound pressure level (SPL) Hi 80/130
    Device category (Class) IEC61672-1 Class 2
    Measurement of sound pressure level (SPL) Med 50/100
    Auto Power OFF  
    Mini-USB interface for PC connection