IMP57 is an optional accessory to measure Loop/Line fault loop impedance and calculating the prospective shortcircuit current.
IMP57 can be used together with the devices of series GSC, SIRIUS, Combi and Macrotest Gx further to ZG47, Fulltest3 and Speed418. The high generated test current (approx. 200A) allows carrying out measurements with high resolution (0.1mΩ) and, therefore, obtaining correct and precise results, even near MT/BT transformer cabinets (TN systems) and, in general, carrying out measurements in which the devices’ basic resolution is not sufficient to guarantee correct measurements of prospective short-circuit currents according to the project’s theoretical data. L’IMP57 is provided with a comfortable and resistant case structure, it has no display and can be interfaced through serial RS232 to Master devices in order to read the results. 4-terminal measurement allows not considering the effect of the provided cables’ resistance and, hence, no preliminary calibrations are necessary.

HT Instruments IMP57 High Resolution Companion For Use With Combi Macrotest

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