NEPTUNE is a mix of technology including an instrument for electrical safety testing (insulation up to 1000V and continuity with 200mA), a Harmonics analyzer and a TRMS multimeter.


  • Quickly measure insulation up to 1000V, just like top-of-the-range testers.
  • Measures continuity of protective conductors with 200mA to solve the most common problems related to masses.
  • Measures Inrush currents, Harmonics and THD%, just like top-of-the-range power quality analyzers.
  • Has a wide range of external clamp transducers for measuring AC TRMS, DC, AC+DC current and Inrush current, starting from 1mA up to 3000A.
  • Compares each measurement with the limits prescribed by the Guidelines and I provide a clear result OK or NOT OK
  • Multimeter with functions only available if using top-of-the-range instruments.
  • Portable, Compact and Resistant.

HT Instruments NEPTUNE Professional DMM with Riso and Continuity test

  • Please allow 4-5 weeks for this product to arrive.

    Includes 1 year manufacturer warranty.


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