The field sources are used to analyze the immunity of assemblies and devices by coupling pulse fields (ICE 61000-4-4) into the device under test. They must be guided by hand just above the device under test. The weak spot will react to the pulse field and malfunctions will be triggered. An EFT/burst generator powers the field sources via a high voltage cable. The field sources have a SMB-output. The connection cable for the field sources is available with a SHV connector (HV SHV-SMB 1 m) or with a Fischer connector (HV FI-SMB 1 m; Fischer connector S103A023). Please specify when ordering.


Different types of field source tips are offered for various measuring tasks. The tips allow for localization of the weak spots accurate to the millimeter and for detecting critical connections on the defined disturbing path, such as components, wires, or IC pins.


H3 Set consists of:

  • 1xBS 02-h, Magnetic Field Source
  • 1xBS 04DB-h, Magnetic Field Source
  • 1xBS 05DB-h, Magnetic Field Source
  • 1xBS 05DU-h, Magnetic Field Source
  • 1xES 00-h, E-Field Source
  • 1xES 01-h, E-Field Source
  • 1xES 02-h, E-Field Source
  • 1xES 05D-h, E-Field Source
  • 1xES 08D-h, E-Field Source
  • 1xHV SHV-SMB 1 m, High-Voltage Cable, SHV SMB
  • 1xH case, System Case
  • 1xH3 m, H3 Set User Manual

    Langer EMV H3 Set Field Sources

    • Please allow 2-3 weeks lead time for this new product to arrive.