The MP ESD measuring field set is used to measure electric and magnetic fields of an ESD generator. In addition to the testing pulse, the ESD generators also emit electric and magnetic interference fields. Additionally to the test pulse these interference fields influence the device under test. These undefined influences falsify the ESD testing result. With the MP ESD measuring field set at the working place, the developer can measure the additional ESD generator fields while changing the ESD generator position to the field measuring system. The knowledge about intensity and local distribution of electric and magnetic interference fields of the ESD generator is an essential help for the interference supression. On request, the MP ESD measuring field set is available with a taller working space (900 x 500 x 650) mm.

Langer EMV MP ESD Field Set Measurement of ESD Generator Fields 1GHz

  • Please allow 4-5 weeks lead time for this new product to arrive.

    • 1xBPM 02, dB/dt Field Meter
    • 1xEPM 02, dE/dt Field Meter
    • 1xEFM 04, E-Field Meter
    • 1xGND 25, Ground Plane
    • 1xGNDA 02, Ground Adapter 32.9 mm x 32.9 mm
    • 1xZG 23-1, Tent Poles
    • 1xBZ 23-1, Shielding Material
    • 1xGP 23, Ground Plate
    • 1xSMA-SMB 1 m ds, SMA-SMB Double-Shielded Measurement Cable
    • 1xSMA-SMA rt 0.7 m ds, SMA-SMA Measurement Cable, red
    • 1xSMA-SMA ge 0.7 m ds, SMA-SMA Measurement Cable, yellow
    • 1xSMA-SMA gr 0.7 m ds, SMA-SMA Measurement Cable, green
    • 1xSMA-SMA bl 0.7 m ds, SMA-SMA Measurement Cable, blue
    • 1xMP ESD field case, System Case
    • 1xMP ESD Field m, MP ESD Field Set User Manual

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