During the development phase the P12t mini burst field generator can be used to detect weak spots on assemblies. Fast transient magnetic field flows from the tip that follows the principle of a coupling clamp. The mini burst field generator has a TLL trigger input. Signals from out of the device under test or an external control logic can be used to synchronize the magnetic disturbance field. This allows for a precise noise immumnity analysis of complex circuits during certain operating conditions.


P12t Set consists of:

  • 1xP12t, Mini Burst Field Generator (B, Trigger)
  • 1xSMB-BNC 1 m, SMB-BNC Measurement Cable
  • 1xNT FRI EU, Power Supply Unit
  • 1xP12t case, System Case
  • 1xP12t m, P12t Set User Manual

Langer EMV P12t Set Mini Burst Field Generator (B, Trigger)

  • Please allow 2-3 weeks lead time for this new product to arrive.

  • External trigger input SMB, male, jack; 5 V TTL
    Generated magnetic flux density ca. 1 mT
    Pulse parameter  
    Rise time 1.8 ns ... 10 ns
    Frequency single ... 10 kHz
    Trigger-pulse delay 3 µs
    Supply voltage 6.5 V ... 15 V