The P331-2 probe set is used for conducted coupling of ESD pulses into ICs. The P331-2 probe sizing orientates itself by mechanisms of the ESD coupling into electronic assemblies (according to IEC 61000-4-2 / HMM). The BPS 203 burst power station supplys and controls the probe.


**Please note this set requires Langer ICE1 Test Set** 

Link to ICE1: 


Scope of delivery

  • 1xP331-2, ESD Generator
  • 1xBPS 203, Burst Power Station
  • 1xBPS 203-Client, Control Software
  • 1xSM 02-01, Shunt
  • 1xSMA-SMB 1 m, SMA-SMB Measuring Cable
  • 1xHV FI-FI 1 m, High-Voltage Cable, Fischer-Fischer
  • 1xFBK 12P 1m, Control Cable
  • 1xUSB-AB, USB Cable Type A-B
  • 1xNT Ex EU, Power Supply Unit
  • 1xP331 acc, Accessories
  • 1xP331 case, System Case
  • 1xP331 m, P331 Set User manual

Langer EMV P331-2 Probe Set ESD Pulse Injection acc. IEC 61000-4-2

  • Please allow 2 - 3 weeks lead time for this new product to arrive.

    Made and manufactured in Germany.

    Comes with a One Year warranty from the manufacturer.