The LDM 80 digital reference pressure test gauge is perfect for reference pressure measurements, for testing and calibration purposes. Together with the portable pressure test pumps , as well LR-Cal LPP 40 it can be used mobile, or on site. For higher pressure LR- LR- Cal Cal LPP 700 LPP 1000 values we recommend our pressure comparison pumps. In addition, the device is featured with a data logging function (max. 60,000 values) and it measures the temperature of the pressure medium.


Included in Scope of Delivery:

Transit case, USB charger, and traceable factory cerficate of calibration.


Optional, the unit is available with electrical connection for pressure switch tests or LR-Cal LDM 80 with WIRELESS transmission of data to PC/Laptop (instead of via USB interface).


Pressure ranges:
0...0,1 bar to 0...2000 bar gauge pressure

-1...+1 bar to -1...+20 bar gauge pressure

0...0,5 bar to 0...10 bar absolute pressure


This item comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer. Please allow 4-6 weeks lead time for this new product to arrive. 

LR-Cal LDM 80 Digital Reference Pressure Gauge 0.2% Full Scale Accuracy

Pressure Ranges
    • Internal resolution: 65,000 div.
    • Measurements per second (if filter is set to 0): 10 (100 ms).
    • Accuracy ±0.2% FS, oponal ±0.1% FS (Code ). LDM80-KL01
    • Filter: programmable digital filter for stabilisation of displayed values also at fluctuating pressures.
    • Temperature measurement/indication: Resolution 0.1°C; Accuracy ±1°C (range -10...+70°C, ambient temp. 0...50°C).
    • Reference temperature: +23°C.
    • Working temperature range: -10...+70°C.
    • Storage temperature range: -10...+80°C.
    • Temperature influence: ≤±0.002%/1°C.
    • Display: LCD 13 mm; with programmable backlight (1...60 seconds, or off).
    • Programmable resuluon: 1, 2, 5, 10.
    • Interface: USB 2.0 (virtual COM port on PC/Laptop, programmable baud rate 19200, 9600 or 4800)
    • Oponal: WIRELESS, RF frequency 433 MHz, RF transmission 200 m in free air, max. 10 transmissions per second.
    • ZEROing: Via key press, up to 50% of FS.
    • Maximal-/Minimal values: PEAK function, active at positive and negative pressures, 10 measurements per sedond
    • Pressure units: selectable; bar, mbar, psi, MPa, kPa, kg/cm², mHg, mmHg, mmH2O, mH2O.
    • Temperature units: selectable; °C, °F.
    • Data logger: max. storing frequency: 1 value per second, capacity max. 60,000 measured values
    • (= 60,000 pressure values or 30,000 pressure values plus 30,000 temperature values)
    • Supply: rechargeable inside li-ion-battery 3.7 V size 14500 , autonomy approx. 3 months (if backlight of display is
    • switches off and without optional WIRELES data transmission, charging me approx. 8 hours (via PC/Laptop or
    • supplied USB charger).
    • Pressure port: 1/2" BSP male, recommended gasket: USIT A 63-18. (Ranges >1000 bar: sealing cone ). TLDMM-DK
    • Pressure limits: Static pressure up to 100% FS, max. permissible pressure up to 150% FS, breaking pressure >300% FS,
    • at highly dynamic pressure max. 75% FS.
    • Pressure port mounting: Tightening wrench 27 mm, tightening torque 28 Nm.