With this reference temperature sensors you can increase significant the measurement accuracy of the LR-Cal Dry-Well and Bath temperature calibrators (-2I versions). The measuring range is -40°C...+650°C. Optional factory and DKD/DAkkS certificates of calibration are available.

They are suitable for direct connection to the with "REF" marked measuring input of the -2I versions. The temperature values of the external reference sensors LR-Cal LRT F are indicated on the second line of the display of the LR-Cal temperature calibrators (-2I versions). 

The LR-Cal LRT F reference temperature sensors are thermally preconditioned to ensure long term stability and to minimise the risk of contamination when used at high temperatures. The resistance thermometers use premium grade coil wound platinum sensing element to provide maximum accuracy, but, more importantly, excellent stability and minimum drift.


This item comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer. Please allow 4-6 weeks lead time for this new product to arrive. 

LR-Cal LRT F 650 External Precision Reference Temperature Sensor Probe

  • Measure range °C -40...+650
    Dimension mm Order-Code LRT-F-9040-0650-45:
    480 x 4.5 diameter
    Order-Code LRT-F-9040-0650-60:
    480 x 6.0 diameter
    Sensor   Pt100 (4 wires) class A, 100 Ohm, ±0.05 Ohm
    Alpha   0,003850 ±0,00005
    Standard   IEC 60751
    Stability Ohm/yr 0.010
    Lengh of sensitive part mm 15
    Cable length m 2
    Connection   Banana plugs suitable for input bushes of -2I versions of the
    LR-Cal dry block temperature calibrators and the
    LR-Cal fluid bath temperature calibrators

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