M192 is accurate high power resistance decade for testing of power supplies and batteries up to 3000 W and 250 Vrms. Being a resistance decade rather than an electronic load, resistance function uses real resistance so it can be used with AC power sources as well. On top of that, M192A version has built-in test signal meter using which constant power and constant current functions can be simulated. Other advantages of the M192A are extended range up to 300 kΩ and continuous resistance range rather than fixed values.
All decades' functions can be remotely controlled via RS232 or GPIB interface. This way you can introduce calibration/test stage directly into production line of any resistance based sensor and reduce time required for final quality tests dramatically.


Available in two ranges: 15 to 4.7 kOhm (M192) and 15 to 300 kOhm (M-192A) 

Meatest M192 Programmable AC/DC Resistance Loads

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  • Resistance 15 Ω - 4700 Ω, 64 fixed values (M192)
    15 Ω - 300 kΩ, continous range (M192A)
    ± 0.1% / year

    Test Signal Meter

    DC voltage 1 - 300 V, resolution 0.1 V
    ± 0.1% / year
    AC voltage 1 - 300 V, max 10 kHz, resolution 0.1 V
    ± 0.2% / year