TeraOhm 10 kV is professional insulation tester, which allows measuring and testing high voltage equipment. This portable instrument intended to measure insulation resistance by using high DC test voltages up to 10kV and enables step voltage test, withstanding voltage test, PI, DD and DAR calculation and capacitance measurement.


This item includes: Standart set

  • Instrument TeraOhm 10 kV
  • mains cable 
  • 10 kV shielded test lead with tip, 2m 
  • 10 kV shielded test lead black, 2 m
  • 10 kV shielded test lead red, 2 m
  • 10 kV crocodile clip, 2 pcs (black, red), guard lead, green, 2 m
  • crocodile clip, green,
  • 6 x 1.2 V NiMH rechargeable batteries, type D 
  • instruction manual
  • handbook on CD
  • calibration certificate

KPS (Metrel) MI 3200 TeraOhm XA 10kV Insulation Tester

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    • Insulation resistance up to 10 TΩ
    • DC Test voltage 500 V - 10 kV in step of 25 V
    • The short circuit current is 5 mA
    • Auto-calibation of measuring system
    • Operates from mains or rechargeable supply
    • Automatic discharge of capacitive loads
    • Digital and bar graph results with date and time
    • User friendly PC software with RS232 or USB isolated communication port
    • High quality accessories
    • High noise immunity
    • Highest protection degree CAT IV 600 V

    Resistance up to 10Tohm
    Test Voltage 500V up to 10,000V in steps of 25V
    Auto-Calibration of measuring system every time after turning power on
    Power operates from mains or rechargeable batteries
    Display digital and bar graph display shows results with date and time
    Auto discharge of capacitive loads
    Interface RS 232 or USB