CheckSource 2.3 is a three-phase current source for cur-rents up to 6 A. The test currents will be generated with the same frequency and a user-defined phase shift to the volt-ages applied to the voltage inputs. Alternatively the test cur-rents can also be generated with a user-defined frequency


Advantages of the CheckSource 2.3
•    Three-phase portable precision type source with single- phase mains supply
•    Phase currents can be generated individually
•    User friendly graphical LCD display to define currents, phase  angles  (symmetrical  /  
asymmetrical)  and  fre- quency
•    Remote control of source by RS 232 interface
•    Currents are generated with high accuracy and stabi- lized by digital and analogue control

MTE - Checksource 2.3 Three Phase Current Source - 6 A

  • Please allow 4-5 Weeks for delivery.

    This product comes with a 1 year product warranty.