The PWS 3.3 is a combination of a three-phase Portable Working Standard of class 0.05% or 0.1% and an IEC 61000-4-30 Class A compatible Power Quality Analyzer with 3 voltage and 4 current channels.


The Working Standard is used to test single and three phase me-ters, instrument transformers and installations on site.


The Power Quality Analyzer is used to resolve disputes at contrac-tual applications, for statistical surveys, including EN 50160 report-ing, and for online troubleshooting of different kind of power quality problems.


The unit can be used with various types of clamp-on CTs and cur-rent and voltage sensors. Therefore, it is possible to easily and ac-curately test both CT/PT and direct connected meters.


The unit can be powered either from the measuring circuit or from an auxiliary single-phase supply. Power Quality Analysis is battery buffered during min. 15 minutes in case of an outage.

MTE -PWS 3.3 - Three-phase Portable Working Standard and Power Quality Analyzer

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    This product comes with a 1 year product warranty.