Saluki SAV20206F 2.92mm calibration kits are designed for making error-corrected measurements on a wide range of vector network analyzers using precision 50ohm 2.92mm connectors from DC to 40 GHz.

  • Open: ±6.0°
  • Short: ±4.5°
  • Load: VSWR<1.17
  • Adaptor: VSWR<1.15


SAV20206F comes with:

  • Open: 2.92mm (M)         
  • Open: 2.92mm (F)           
  • Short: 2.92mm (M)         
  • Short: 2.92mm (F)           
  • Load: 2.92mm (M)          
  • Load: 2.92mm (F)            
  • 2.92mm(f)-2.92mm(f)adaptor     
  • 2.92mm(m)-2.92mm(m)adaptor
  • 2.92mm(m)-2.92mm(f)adaptor   
  • 2.92mm Torque wrench

Saluki SAV20206F 2.92mm 40GHz High Precision Mechanical Calibration Kit

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    • Frequency Range: DC to 40 GHz
    • VSWR : <1.15
    • Phase Deviation: ±4.5°
    • Laboratory calibration certificate
    • Commercial calibration certificate