This model is available in two series: 5695 (reference resistor) and 5685 (standard reference resistor). The 5695 series of 4- wire reference resistors offer high accuracy and stability at an economic cost.


Designed specifically, for use as a comparison standard for AC thermometry resistance bridges, the 5695 series may also be used in electrical standards laboratories. In addition to standard fixed values, resistors can be supplied in any value between 1 and 1,000 Ω. Typical applications for the 5695 series are as transfer standards or reference source in temperature calibration or electrical standards laboratories.


Available Models

5695R1 Standard Resistor: 1 Ohm 5ppm
5695R10 Standard Resistor: 10 Ohm 5ppm
5695R25 Standard Resistor: 25 Ohm 5ppm
5695R100 Standard Resistor: 100 Ohm 5ppm
5695R300 Standard Resistor: 300 Ohm 5ppm
5695R400 Standard Resistor: 400 Ohm 5ppm
5695R500 Standard Resistor: 500 Ohm 5ppm
5695R1000 Standard Resistor: 1K Ohm 5ppm



Tinsley 5695 Standard Reference Resistors - High Accuracy 5ppm - 1 to 100

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