The 5685 series is made from a specially selected alloy having a low temperature coefficient mounted in a strain-free manner on formers made from a material of low dielectric loss but of high mechanical stability.Designed specifically, for use as a comparison standard for AC thermometry resistance bridges, the 5695 series may also be used in electrical standards laboratories.


Maximum dissipation for the Resistors is 1 Watt but the highest performance will be obtained with a dissipation of 10 milli-Watts which is the ideal working condition. No harm will occur if the dissipation is increased to 1 watt but self heating will take effect after a few minutes. Since the introduction of these Standard Resistors they have been adopted by National and Major Industrial Standards Laboratories as their primary standards. Information obtained from these laboratories over the past twenty five years indicate their exceptional high stability.


Available Models


5685A1 Premium Resistor: 1 Ohm 2ppm
5685A2 Premium Resistor: 10 Ohm 2ppm
5685A3 Premium Resistor: 25 Ohm 2ppm
5685A4 Premium Resistor: 100 Ohm 2ppm
5685A07 Premium Resistor: 300 Ohm 2ppm
5685B24 Premium Resistor: 400 Ohm 2ppm
5685B16 Premium Resistor: 500 Ohm 2ppm
5685B1 Premium Resistor: 1K Ohm 2ppm

Tinsley 5685 Premium Reference Resistors - High Accuracy 2ppm - 1 to 1000 Ohms

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