TH2689/TH2689A is a rapid and precise capacitance leakage
current insulation resistance tester. The max. test speed of 18
times/second, good performance and the suitable price provide
the user an optimal choice.


TH 2689/TH2689A provides max. test voltage: 800v/500v,
charge current: 0.5mA─500.0mA( if >100V, the max. power 50W
can limit). It is mainly applied in capacitance leakage current,
insulation resistance and aluminum electrolysis capacitance
anode foil pressure test. Also it can be applied in the confirmation
of annihilator, zener diode, neonbulb .etc and leakage current test.
Standard Handler interface, stable and rapid test, to reach the
sorting effect


Standard RS 232 interface, optional GPIB interface, and general
RS232 software are provided to meet the demand of connecting
with computer and forming auto test system. The instrument can
receive the SCPI command to guarantee the compatibility of
communication software.


Tonghui TH2689 Capacitor Leakage Current/IR Meter up to 800V

  • Please see datasheet in photos for more information. 

    ■ Capacitance leakage test function
    ■ Insulation resistance test function
    ■ Aluminum foil pressure and rise time test function
    ■ Precise low current charge function(0.5mA±0.05mA)
    ■ Large current (500mA)improves the charge speed
    of low voltage large capacitance.
    Continuously adjust Test voltage(TH2689 1.0V~800V/
    TH2689 1.0V~500V) and real-time monitor the output
    ■ Test range from 0.001uA─20.00mA, 4 digit display
    ■ Open correction(null) to eliminate the remaining base number
    ■ Built-in digit counter
    ■ Comparator function to realize the sorting of PASS/FAIL
    ■ 10 groups of status for save and load
    ■ Standard RS232 interface, Handler interface, optional GPIB
    ■ Large LCD ( 240×64 dot-matrix )display
    ■ Humanized operation interface

  • Please allow 4-6 weeks lead time for this new product to arrive. These items come with a one year warranty from the manufacturer. 

    This item comes with:

    TH26003 2 terminal test fixture
    TH26004D 3 terminals test clip leads

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