Our EMC kit allows for straightforward pinpointing and measurement of interference sources in electronic component groups as well as execution and monitoring of generic EMC measurement.


It is perfect for locating interference sources which might have been found e.g. in an EN55011, EN55022 or EN50371 (Class A or Class B) survey.


The EMC-Bundle 3 contains our highend spectrum analyzer models SPECTRAN NF-5030 (incl. Option 005), SPECTRAN HF-60100 V4 (incl. 020 & 022), the HyperLOG 60100 antenna, the Near-Field Probe Set PBS2 incl. our external PreAmp (Option 022), the BicoLOG 20100E EMC-antenna and lots of accessories and cables.

Aaronia EMC-Bundle 3 - Near-Field Measurement Spectrum Analyzer Antenna Pre-Amp

  • Our EMC Bundle 3 is especially suitable for:

    • Performance of EMC-measurements
    • Pinpointing interference sources
    • Estimation of interference field strength
    • Verification of shielding and filtering measures
    • Identifying faulty components
    • Detecting circuitry overly sensitive to interference

    Our probes are covered with an insulating layer, thus allowing safe measurement of oscillators or mains lines.

    The kit contains a high-performance pre-amplifier, allowing measurement of significantly weaker interference sources, boosting the sensitivity by up to 40dB.

    After implementing appropriate changes in the circuit, their efficiency can easily and reliably be verified.

    That way, expensive and time-consuming re-assessments in an EMC laboratory can be skipped.v

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