This model is a significantly enhanced version of our 20/20 TDR. Customers were amazed by the clarity of the traces and features in the 20/20 Step TDR introduced in 2004. It outperformed even the Tektronix 1502C Step TDR, but users asked for even more. We took 8 years of customer input and combined it with18 months of engineering and testing to produce the E20/20 Step TDR. The result is a dramatically improved user interface, enhanced LCD display, new easy to use keypad with function LEDs, USB PC interface, and more. The new E20/20 TDR is now clearly the world's most powerful and user friendly hand-held step TDR. Combined with our new ETDR PC VisionTM Software for uploading and archiving traces, and creating and downloading cable lists to the E20/20 TDR, no other TDR on the market offers comparable complete professional TDR package. Key Features: Fault locating for opens, shorts, bridged taps, split and resplit pairs, water, chaffing damage, coax crimps and splices, shunt faults, splitters, series resistive faults. Any impedance or loop resistance affecting fault. Micro Fault Locating: Two modes designed to pin-point small fault easy to miss on the full TDR trace. Particularly on long coax cables. Stores: 32 Traces and instrument setups. 64 Cable types with their impedance and velocity. Help: Both a Setup Wizard for step-by-step guided startups and one-button context sensitive help for all menus and functions. The E20/20 Step TDR is guaranteed to save time and money by quickly and accurately locating even small cable faults and by not chasing cable faults that don't exist. Fault reflections are presented in Ohms that let technicians rate if they are significant enough to be service affecting or not. There is no pulse width or gain control distorting the relative size of the faults as in pulse TDRs. There is also no dead-zone on any range. Impedance independent the E20/20 TDR can test any cable type, coax, twisted pair, single wires in a harness, etc.

AEA E20/20N Step TDR 20Kft 11 Selectable Ranges Micro Fault Locating

  • Included items: Soft Equipment case, Belt case, AC adapter,
    Vehicle charger, USB cable, N-to-BNC Adapter, BNC-to-Alligator Clips Test Lead,
    basic guide and quick start guide.

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