Ultimate in Hand-Held Step TDR Technology

The NEW enhanced version of the 20/20 Step TDR is ideal for troubleshooting OSP all types of coax, OSP cables, twisted pairs Cat2 to Cat6A and single wires in bundle/harness. It is based on the current 20/20 TDR employing "Step" technology's amazingly accurate fault locating and display capabilities. The E20/20 TDR stores, recalls and uploads traces to a PC by name, date and time. It has a user friendly interface to reduce technician learning curve and training time. Including features like Setup Wizard, named Menu keys, and Context Sensitive Help.

The E20/20 TDR also has new MicroFault locating for small coax kinks and crushes that might be service affecting, but hard to see on a normal TDR trace. It has larger clearer display fonts and LED indicators for active Function Keys. The E20/20 TDR is ideal for testing and troubleshooting Coax, Twinax, Triax, Telco OSP, or LAN twisted pairs Cat 2 to Cat 6A. The E20/20 TDR comes in a variety of connector configurations. Its internal Cable List holds 64 cable types, can be user edited, and modified lists can be uploaded or downloaded to a PC using ETDR PC Vision™ software.

AEA E20/20F Network TDR with CATV Option MicroFault Locating

  • Included items: Soft Equipment case, Belt case, AC adapter, Vehicle charger, USB cable, F Test Lead with quick disconnect, RJ45-to-Telco Clips (2 pair) Test Leads, F-to-Alligator Clips Test Lead, basic guide and
    quick start guide.

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