Batemika M100 Bridge mA-meter is a specialised device used for the accurate and reliable measurement of measurement currents of all types of resistance bridges used in thermometry. Accurate determination of the measurement current is essential in order to increase the accuracy of the self-heating correction in SPRT measurements.

M100 can measure DC, AC and arbitrary waveform currents with specified accuracy and can handle all types of measurement currents that can be encountered in common thermometry bridges.

M100 has specifically designed connectors, which enable seamless integration of the device in the measurement system. Connectors enable the connection of BNC, banana, spade lug and bare wire cables in four-wire configuration. M100 can be connected either between the resistance bridge and scanner or between the extension cable and SPRT, effectively replacing the passive connection box.


Optional snap-on ferrite cores are available.

Batemika M100 Bridge mA-meter AC/DC 0 to 2.9 mA RMS, 0 to 15 mA RMS

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