The Elektro-Automatik EA-PS 2000 B series are three channel, programmable DC power supplies. Outputs are galvanically isolated from each other and can be connected in series or parallel. A new "Tracking" feature provides simultaneous control of both main outputs with the adjustment knobs of the left side control panel. In combination with the tracking feature, the user can, for example, set up a variable ±15 V output. The safety output sockets are located on the front panel of the unit. 

Flexible power ranging

The set values of voltage and current adjust each other in order to maintain the max. output power according to P = U * I. This allows working with either high output voltage or with high output current.

Protective features

Besides standard features, such as overvoltage protection (OVP), which are in-tended to protect sensitive user applications against unwanted voltage peaks or high voltage, the series now features an overcurrent protection with an adjustable threshold of 0 - 110% nominal current. It will protect a malfunctioning application from overcurrent by immediate output shutdown.

PC interface

The unit can be monitored and remotely controlled via the front USB port, which is equipped as standard. The user can choose between programming of a custom application (LabView VIs are available) or using a separately available Windows software for which a license can be purchased.

Control and monitoring software

The software EasyPS2000 (for Windows), which is contained on an option-ally available CD, allows for complete remote control or monitoring of one unit. All functions of the device are available on a graphical user interface. In order to unlock the remote control features in the software, a separate license code for every unit is required.

The software features:

  • Event log
  • Unlocking dialogue for device license
  • Semi-automatic control by CSV tables (sequencing)
  • Data logging to CSV
  • Easy to use GUI
  • One PS 2000 B per instance

Elektro-Automatik PS 2342-10B 3 Channel DC Power Supply 160W/42V/10A, 12W/6V/4A

  • Please allow 3 - 4 weeks lead time for this new product to arrive.

    Inquire for data sheets or any additional information about this product or other offerings from Elektro-Automatik.

    Comes with a two year warranty from the manufacturer.

    • Programmable DC power supply - three channels
    • Channels 1 & 2 - 160W / 42V / 10A
    • Channel 3 - 12W / 6V / 4A
    • Microprocessor controlled
    • Designed for use in education, manufacturing, R&D
    • Overtemperature protection (OT) 
    • Four-digit display for voltage and current 
    • Chassis top and bottom closed 
    • Safety output sockets