GW Instek PEL-5000C series single-channel electronic load provides 150V/ 600V/ 1200V models with a power range of 6kW~24kW. PEL-5000C has a total of 24 models featuring different combinations of power, voltage, and current. It can test and verify the specifications of batteries, electric vehicle chargers/charging stations, electric vehicle batteries and solar panels. PEL-5000C supports parallel connection for same voltage specification and different power models. PEL-5000C can support up to 8 units connected in parallel to provide a maximum power of 192kW.


Available Models in the PEL-5000C Range:


  • PEL-5006C-150-600         150V, 600A, 6kW
  • PEL-5008C-150-800         150V, 800A, 8kW
  • PEL-5010C-150-1000       150V, 1000A, 10kW
  • PEL-5012C-150-1200       150V, 1200A, 12kW
  • PEL-5015C-150-1500       150V, 1500A, 15kW
  • PEL-5018C-150-1800       150V, 1800A, 18kW
  • PEL-5020C-150-2000       150V, 2000A, 20kW
  • PEL-5024C-150-2000       150V, 2000A, 24kW
  • PEL-5006C-600-420         600V, 420A, 6kW
  • PEL-5008C-600-560         600V, 560A, 8kW
  • PEL-5010C-600-700         600V, 700A, 10kW
  • PEL-5012C-600-840         600V, 840A, 12kW
  • PEL-5015C-600-1050       600V, 1050A, 15kW
  • PEL-5018C-600-1260       600V, 1260A, 18kW
  • PEL-5020C-600-1400       600V, 1400A, 20kW
  • PEL-5024C-600-1680       600V, 1680A, 24kW
  • PEL-5006C-1200-240       1200V, 240A, 6kW
  • PEL-5008C-1200-320       1200V, 320A, 8kW
  • PEL-5010C-1200-400       1200V, 400A, 10kW
  • PEL-5012C-1200-480       1200V, 480A, 12kW
  • PEL-5015C-1200-600       1200V, 600A, 15kW
  • PEL-5018C-1200-720       1200V, 720A, 18kW
  • PEL-5020C-1200-800       1200V, 800A, 20kW
  • PEL-5024C-1200-960       1200V, 960A, 24kW

GW Instek PEL-5000C High Power Compact DC Load up to 600A 192kW

  • Data Sheets Here


    • Maximum power up to 192KW
    • Up to 8 units of master/slave parallel control
    • 5-digit digital voltage, current and power meter
    • Large LCD Display
    • Display voltage value, current value, watt value at the same time
    • Suitable for power factor regulator (PFC) testing (600V, 1200V models)
    • Automatically perform OCP, OPP test
    • The power-on state value can be set
    • Constant current, constant resistance, constant voltage, constant power, constant current + constant voltage, constant power + constant voltage, dynamic and short circuit modes
    • Short circuit time can be set during short circuit test
    • Over current, over power, over temperature protection and over voltage warning
    • Voltage polarity display can be set to positive value ("+") or negative value ("-")
    • Support solar panel MPPT test
    • Optional interface: GPIB, RS232, USB, LAN


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