Advanced multifunction device for verification of electric safety of private and industrial electric systems (IEC/EN61557-1).

It is used for checking the safety of private and industrial electric systems (IEC/ EN61557-1). Thanks to its building characteristics, the type of setting and the multiple applications as regards the documentation it is capable of producing, this device can satisfy even the most demanding technician and the most rigorous verifier. Its TFT colour display with capacitive touch-screen allows using this device in a completely new manner. COMBIG2 makes available on its display all possible variables to obtain a perfect measurement; your task will only be to “touch” what you really want to measure: then, simply leave the rest to COMBIG2’s micro-processor! The device complies with all requirements as regards the safety of electric systems: test of RCDs type A, AC also up to 1000 mA and type B; insulation, continuity, earth resistance tests directly on the power outlet without causing the RCDs’ tripping.With the appropriate programming guided by the touch-screen system, this device can test the interruption power, tripping currents, I2t relevant to magneto-thermal switches (MCB) with curves B, C, D, K and fuses type gG and aM! Combined with optional clamp HT96U it is capable to carry out and record measurements of leakage current, power, cosphi, harmonics, THD% and frequency.

This device has been devised for use together with optional accessories which widen its operating fields: e.g. HT53/05 for measuring lux, HT52/05 for measuring temperature and humidity and RCDX10 for testing RCDs with separate jaws up to 10A. Cutting-edge management of measurement with indication, at the end of each safety test, of compliance or non-compliance with requirements with simple symbols OK o NOT OK.

Finally, thanks to the brand new HTAnalysis App, free to download for iOS and Android systems, COMBIG2 is capable of transferring measured and recorded data onto tablets and smartphones, thus giving the operator the possibility to customize and share through HtCloud the result of their tests.

HT Instruments - COMBIG2 Installation Safety/Tester, IEC/EN61557-1 Standards/RCD

  • Please allow 4-5 weeks lead time for this product to arrive.

    This product has a 1year warranty provided by the manufacturer. 

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