One instrument for all electrical safety tests and Power Quality analysis, the GSC60 was designed with the aim of making safety issues in electrical installations quick  and easy to identify. 


Thanks to the new HTOS™ system the unit displays a message OK - NOT OK after completing the test.  The user interface allows easy understanding and testing.


You can store all recorded data and create folders and subfolders for each kind of test adding comments and notes by means of virtual keyboard.  GSC60 is also a three-phase power and energy consumption analyzer able to use the free HTAnalysis app, compatible with iOS and Android. Test results can be transferred through Wi-Fi onto smartphone or tablet enclosing a picture, a video or a voice note to each measurement. You can transfer everything onto HT Cloud and make data available in real time for your colleagues all over the world. GSC60 makes the job of installer, electrician or consultant easy, rapid and cost-effective.



The large and brightly lit touch screen is particularly easy to read and can be operated intuitively. All functions can be selected via the central multifunction switch or directly by selecting the icons on the screen. The symbols in the display and acoustic messages ensure a comfortable, fast and standard-compliant interpretation of the measurement results. The GSC60 is protected against misuse, if the device is incorrectly connected or if dangerous voltages are present, the user is warned conspicuously.

HT Instruments GSC60 PQA Safety Tester 1000VDC Power Quality Analyzer PQA

  • Highlights & Details

    • One meter for all electrical safety tests according to VDE 0413 (EN61557) Part 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7
    • Earth conductor continuity test with> 200 mA test current
    • Insulation measurement with 50/100/250/500 and 1000V DC
    • RCD Test Type A, AC and B, B+, F
    • Line & loop impedance with IK display
    • Loop impedance without RCD tripping
    • Phase sequence (phase sequence)
    • Measurement of voltage drop DV in %
    • Earthing measurement with 2 or 3-wire method
    • Ground measurement (without auxiliary ground) with T2100 (optional)
    • Earth resistance measurement with 4-wire method
    • Measurement of light intensity and temperature with optional probe HT52 /HT53
    • Leakage current measurement starting from 1 mA with optional clip-on ammeter HT96U
    • 9 preset network systems are available (star / triangle / 1-2 or 3 phases, etc.)
    • More than 383 parameters can be recorded over 2 months
    • Real-time waveform display (scopee function), harmonic, vector graphs, and numeric display for quick review of key parameters
    • Voltage anomalies analysis with a resolution of 20ms
    • Energy cost control. With just one click you can check the energy consumption with the help of the current transformers connected to the main power supply and thus manage the energy costs

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