The M71 meter is a innovative model designed to perform Earth Resistance measurements with 2-wire and 3-wire standards method with a wide measurement range (up to 50kOhm) and typically used in industrial electrical installations environments which consists of single probes and more or less wide earth networks. The 2-wire measurement method (where auxiliary metal parts are available) is extremely important in civil environments where 3-wire method application is not possible for logistical reasons. Each measure if performed with a test current at high frequency in order to consider and eliminate noise voltages disturbance which can be present on installation. Thanks to a completely smaller and portable ergonomic case this meter it’s ideal for any kind of electrical installer.

HT Instruments - M71 Ground/Earth Resistance Meter

  • Product Highlights

    • 3-wire Earth Resistance
    • 2-wire Earth Resistance
    • Measurement range up to 50kOhm
    • Calibration of test cables
    • Automatic regulation of disturbance voltage