T2000 is a professional clamps specially developed to evaluate resistance of earth rods with no need to disconnect any part of the system (STAKELESS METHOD)

The inner part of the device is made of 2 jaws, one for current reading and the other for voltage generation. The voltage jaws generate a potential (E) on the loop during resistance (R) measurement.

A current (I) is consequently generated on the loop and is measured by the current jaws. Based on the value of parameters E and I, the instrument displays the resistance R value calculated as their ratio. The value measured by the device can be used in case the single rods do not influence each other. T2000 also measures AC current up to 20A and leakage current with resolution 0.1mA. This device complies with standard IEC/EN61010-1 in CAT IV 300V, CAT III 600V and it is the ideal solution for measurements to be carried out both in private and in industrial environments.

HT Instruments - T2000 Earth/Ground Clamp Meter/Resistance AC to 20A

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    This product comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.