The MP Scope measuring station is a mobile shielded room (shielded tent) for sensitive measuring devices during Burst-/EFT- or RF testings at the work place of a developer. The measuring device (oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer) is put into the shielded tent. The connection to the disturbed environment is maintained via shielded SMA-SMA cables and a shielded transit within the base plate. The measuring device is powered via the filter of the base plate. It is quite common to measure with devices like an oscilloscope or a spectrum analyzer at electronic assemblies. If the measurement should be done under disturbances, there is a risk that the measuring device could be susceptible to interference. In order to prevent the interference of the measuring device it is put into the shielding tent of the MP Scope measuring station. The signals of the electronic devices to be measured are transmitted via shielded connections to the MP  Scope measuring station and measuring device. On request, the MP Scope measuring station is available with a taller working space (900 x 500 x 650) mm.

Langer EMV MP Scope Set EMC Measurement

  • Please allow 4-5 weeks lead time for this new product to arrive.