The mini burst field generators are particularly small. They are used to identify and eliminate weak points in electronic assemblies in the development phase. They generate a burst or an ESD field at their tip. The mini burst generators are guided by hand across the equipment under test (e.g. printed circuit board) with their field-emitting tips close to its surface. The weak points respond to the pulsed field and malfunctions will occur. The burst field generators can be applied to selected individual sections of the circuit board design to identify potential weak points (faults in the ground system, individual traces or IC pins). Separate magnetic (P11 and P12) and electric (P21) coupling allows an optimal adaptation of EMC countermeasures to the respective weak point.


P1 Set consists of:

  • 1xP11, Mini Burst Field Generator (B)
  • 1xP12, Mini Burst Field Generator (B)
  • 1xP21, Mini Burst Field Generator (E)
  • 1xP1 case, Mini Burst Field Generators Case
  • 1xP1 m, P1 Set User Manual

Langer EMV P1 Set Mini Burst Field Generators

  • Please allow 2-3 weeks lead time for this new product to arrive.

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