The field sources, which are included in the probe set field coupling 200 ps Langer ESD, generate very fast electric and magnetic ESD pulse fields. With these fields, ICs are defined and reproducibly pulsed to determine their immunity against ESD fields. The reason for this is the ESD immunity of PC boards and electrical devices. The immunity is tested (IEC 61000-4-2). During the tests, standard ESD pulse fields and very fast electric and magnetic fields (200 ps) are generated by coupled ESD interference into the PC boards. These fields affect the PC board surface and penetrate the IC casings. If fields penetrate the ICs, disturbance events will be generated. The IC interference via magnetic or electrical fields is a significant source of interference path in addition to conducted coupling of ESD interference above the ICs. From the probe set, knowledge will be gained of the IC EMC behaviour and this can be streamlined into the development of the PC board. Expensive redesigns are avoided and development costs are reduced. Furthermore, the use of the test methods for the determination of IC EMC parameters enables the IC producer to develop ICs more efficiently. The test set-up needs the ICE1 test system and external devices.


Scope of delivery:

  • 1xP1202 L-ESD, ESD Magnetic Field Source Langer Pulse 0.2/2.5 ns
  • 1xP1301 L-ESD, ESD E-Field Source Langer Pulse 0.2/5.5 ns
  • 1xBPS 203, Burst Power Station
  • 1xBPS 203-Client, Control Software
  • 1xBPM 02, dB/dt Field Meter
  • 1xEPM 02, dE/dt Field Meter
  • 2xSMA-SMB 1 m, SMA-SMB Measuring Cable
  • 1xHV FI-FI 1 m, High-Voltage Cable, Fischer-Fischer
  • 1xFBK 12P 1m, Control Cable
  • 1xUSB-AB, USB Cable Type A-B
  • 1xD70 h03, Spacer Ring, 3 mm
  • 1xD70 h10, Spacer Ring, 10 mm
  • 1xNT Ex EU, Power Supply Unit
  • 1xP1202 / P1301 acc, Accessories
  • 1xP1202 / P1301 case, System Case
  • 1xP1202 / P1301 m, P1202 / P1301 Set User Manual

Langer EMV P1202/P1301 L-ESD Set Pulse H 0.2/2.5 E 0.2/5.5 ns Field Coupling

  • Please allow 2 - 3 weeks lead time for this new product to arrive.

    Made and manufactured in Germany.

    Comes with a One Year warranty from the manufacturer.

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