The LR-Cal DFP is a microprocessor based digital pressure gauge, made of particulary high long-term stable analogue section and a 16 bit A/D converter which ensure 65,000 internal divisions. These features, together with a 0.1% accuracy class, make it ideal as a reference instrument: in fact, the LR-Cal DFP is proposed as a first line sample for Quality Insurance Laboratories.

The digital reference pressure gauge LR-Cal DFP has internal batteries with 1 year autonomy, also guaranteed by the Auto-PowerOff function, which activates if no measurement changes are detected in the previous 30 minutes (adjustable).

The user can defin his own engineering unit for force (or weight). Then LR-Cal DFP is supplied calibrated in "bar" pressure unit as a normal pressure gauge. It is up to the installer to set the full scale value in the force (or weight) unit by using the following formula:


F[N] = P • D2 • ∏ / 40

P = pressure in bar, D = diameter of cylinder in mm, ∏ = pi


F[kg] = F[N] / 9.80665

F = force, N = Newton, kg = Kilogramm
9.80665 = local gravity m/s²

In order to increase the level of integration among components, a combined (traditional and SMT) technology has been used, that makes this reference gauge more resistant against mechanical stresses and vibrations and guarantees maximum reliability for the circuit.

As an option, the LR-Cal DFP is available with a RS232 interface. A connection cable is available as an option. Furthermore, a build-in version for panel mounting 83 x 83 mm with back connection is available as option, as well as a version for maines power supply (230 VAC, instead of batteries).


This item comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer. Please allow 4-6 weeks lead time for this new product to arrive. 

LR-Cal DFP Digital Reference Pressure Gauge (Force and Weight Conversion)

Pressure Ranges
    • Accuracy ±0.1% FS
    • Pressure ranges up to 2000 bar
    • 1 year autonomy without recharging (battery operated)
    • Pressure unit "bar", conversion to Force (daN, KN) or Weight (to, kg)
    • PEAK function (positive and negative)
    • Digital filter (adjustable)
    • Pressure connection: 1/2" BSP male
    • Clear and easy to read LCD with large figures and bargraph