The mechanical support LR-Cal LFC-ATC comes with a double linear guide for the calibration and control of release or direct reading keys which allows the application of the load in a gradual and continuous way, by respecting the reference norm EN ISO 26789 (2004).



1. LFC-ATC-1000 for ranges to 1000 Nm, incl. 1 base plate for 1 LR-Cal LFC 80

2. LFC-ATC-2000 for ranges to 2000 Nm, incl. 1 base plate for 1 LR-Cal LFC 80


If the mechanical support LR-Cal LFC-ATC is to be equipped with additional LR-Cal LFC 80 instruments, you can increase the calibration range of your equipment. For each additional LR-Cal LFC 80 you need an additional base plate.


Example: to cover a range of 1 to 1000 Nm in class 1, you need three LR-Cal LFC 80 instruments, to be mounted into the
LR-Cal LFC-ATC mechanical support:
1 x LFC80-0010 = range 0...10 Nm
1 x LFC80-0100 = range 0...100 Nm
1 x LFC80-1000 = range 0...1000 Nm
2 x LFC-PLATTE = two additional base plates
1 x LFC-ATC-1000 = mechanical support incl. one base plate


This item comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer. Please allow 4-6 weeks lead time for this new product to arrive. 

LR-Cal LFC-ATC Mechanical Support for Calibration of Torque Wrenches

    1. Handle for LFC-ATC $49
    2. Additional Base Plate for extra LFC 80 $249