The MTE CP's are Ceramic or Polypropylen capacitance standards.  The MTE series Laboratory Impedance Standards are designed for use in cal labs as references for calibration of multimeters, ohm meters and RCL meters. Low time constants and dissipation factors make MTE series suitable for use in wide frequency range and low calibration uncertainties and temperature coefficients provide great results for long time.

On request, standards can be equipped with standard gold plated terminals or BNC coaxial connectors in three-terminal, four-terminal or four-pair terminal layout. High resistance standards come with ceramic terminal isolation as standard.

Meatest MTE CP 10pF to 100μF Laboratory Capacitance Standards

Values μF
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  • Capacitance 10 pF - 100 uF, 20 Hz - 20 kHz
    ± 0.02% / year