The PPS 400.3 is a powerful and portable three-phase current and voltage source. All test values are generated absolutely synthetically with a high degree of accuracy and stability. The PPS 400.3 is available in two versions:

• PPS 400.3-12 A (maximum current up to 12 A)

• PPS 400.3-120 A (maximum current up to 120 A)


The PPS 400.3, portable power source may be used as enhancement of the reference standard PRS 400.3 as well as independently. The control software automatically recognises the model. It may therefore immediately be taken into operation, and automatic measurement of a load curve of the meter may begin.


Advantages of the PPS 400.3

• Three-phase portable precision type source with singlephase mains supply

• Current and voltage source facilities can be selected independently

• Current, voltage and phase shift are adjustable to high accuracy by using keys

• The values are shown on a display and can be read out via the RS 232 C interface

• The values set are stabilised by digital and analogue control

• Integrated RS 232 C interface for external program control via PC. It is possible to read out the current and voltage values

• Generation of harmonics (up to 31th)

• The Portable Control Module PCS 400.3 can be on a stand-alone basis and the power source is in this application controlled via blue-tooth

MTE - PPS400.3 Portable Power Source 12 A

  • Please allow 4-5 Weeks for delivery.

    This product comes with a 1 year product warranty.