The PWS 2.3 genX Portable Working Standard is a three-phase portable electronic meter test unit of accuracy class 0.1%, used for testing single and three-phase electricity meters on site. The PWS 2.3 genX allows checking of all meter installation parameters and associated circuits.
The unit can be used either with a direct connection in the range of 1 mA ... 12 A, or by using a set of 3 active 120 A error compensated UCT clamp-on CT’s (included in the standard accessories set) in the range 10 mA …120 A. It is therefore possible to easily and ac-curately measure both CT and direct connected meters.
The unit can be powered either from the measuring circuit or from an auxiliary single-phase supply.




MTE - PWS 2.3 GenX Three-phase Portable Working Standard for Meter

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