The PRS 600.3 is a combination of a three-phase Portable Refer-ence Standard of class 0.02% and an IEC 61000-4-30 Class A compatible Power Quality Analyzer with 3 voltage and 3 current channels. The device is equipped with two 8.4” colors TFT displays based on touch screen operation. The Reference Standard is used to test single and three phase meters, instrument transformers and installations on site. The Power Quality Analyzer is used as reference for PQ test sys-tems, to resolve disputes at contractual applications, for statistical surveys, including EN 50160 reporting, and for online troubleshoot-ing of different kind of power quality problems. The unit can be used with various types of clamp-on CTs and cur-rent and voltage sensors. Therefore, it is possible to easily and ac-curately test both CT/PT and direct connected meters.


•     Two instruments in one compact case
•     Two large 8.4” (640 x 480 pixels) color TFT VGA displays with graphical user interface
•     Data transfer and communication via 2 x USB (Type A and B) or 1 x ETHERNET
•     Data storage on removable Compact Flash memory card
•     Independent sets of UCT clamp-on CTs allow service, calibra- tion or later purchase of 
clamp-on CTs without factory return of the device.

Measurement Inputs
•     3 voltage inputs U1, U2, U3
•     3 direct current inputs I1, I2, I3
•     2 universal UCT clamp-on CT current inputs for I1, I2, I3
•     Meter testing of pulse outputs (LED/disc mark/S0) and regis- ters of active, reactive, 
apparent 1- or 3-phase, 3- or 4-wire energy meters with 3 pulse inputs and 3 pulse outputs
•     Measurement of electrical parameters (UI , PQS, f, PF) in- cluding vector diagram, harmonic analysis and wave form dis- play.
•     Instrument transformer testing (CT/PT burden, CT/PT ratio)


in accordance with IEC 61000-4-30 Class A, IEC 62586-2, certi- fied by ISO/IEC 17025 accredited 
laboratory NMi Certin B. V.
•     Dips / Swells / Interruptions
•     Harmonics / Interharmonics / Signal voltages
•     Unbalance
•     Under- and Overdeviation
•     Rapid Voltage Changes RVC
•     Flicker


MTE - PRS600.3 Three Phase Portable Reference Standard and PQ Analyzer

  • Please allow 4-5 Weeks for delivery.

    This product comes with a 1 year product warranty. 

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