EX Series Single Output products are high-performance and high-efficiency programmable DC power supply with RS232C, RS485, USB, TCP/IP(option) interface based on SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments) protocol and the combination of bench-top and system features in these power supplies provides versatile solutions for your design and test requirements in the industrial fields, R&D institute center and education fields.

Available in 1U Size(600W~2.5KW), 2U Size(3.75W~5KW), and 4U Size(6KW~10KW)


EX50-12 Output

Voltage: 0 to 50.0 Maximum 52.5

Current: 0 to 12.0 Maximum 12.6

Output WATT: 700W

ODA EX50-12 Switching Type Programmable DC Power Supply 50V 12A 700W

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