Available in models ranging from 150V 30A 150W to 600V 1500A 20kW


ODA LF Series Programmable DC Electronic Load

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    • 16 x 2 Big-Char Type LCD Display
    • 5- Digit Resolution
    • Protection : OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, OVR, OCR
    • Various mode : CC, CV, CR, CP, ON/OFF, Fuse test, Battery Test, Short, Cycling, Dynamic
    • Easy Data checking(Volt, Curr, Watt, Time etc.)
    • Input ON/OFF Key
    • Front panel Key Lock function
    • Excellent precision and high resolution
    • Built-in Remote Sensing for Load Voltage(V-Sensing)
    • Excellent load and line regulation
    • Save and confirm up to 10 error messages
    • Memory save and recall function(up to 10 operation states)
    • Communication Interface : RS232, RS485 Standard(TCP/IP is optional)
    • Compact Size : 600W in half of 19inch wide x 2U size