Ohm-Labs HVS High Voltage Standard incorporates innovations based on years of manufacturing and calibrating precision high voltage dividers.

The HVS uses precision matched resistors for high accuracy; it is a modified Park divider structure.

The low resistance section is an Ohm-Labs 100-Series standard resistor. It may be removed for separate calibration, or exchanged with a different standard to provide other ratios. With the low resistance standard removed, the HVS may be used as a precision high voltage resistor.

An innovative guard structure reduces leakage errors by shielding each resistor at its nominal voltage. The guard structure forms a secondary divider with a separate output to monitor voltage during tests.

The high voltage resistors are enclosed in an acrylic tube, protecting them from dust and contamination. A low voltage fan exhausts heat out the top of the divider.

The base HVS unit includes one 50 kV high voltage stack (35 kV ac rms), one 100-Seires resistance standard, the base and a top toroid. Each additional HVS-A adder unit includes one 50 kV stack and an intermediate toroid. Adder units are easily stacked to increase the voltage range.

Assemblies of one HVS base unit plus additional HVS-A Adder Units may be ordered as HVS-100, HVS-150, etc.

The HVS toroids, high voltage sections, base and resistance standard disassemble easily for safe transport. A custom fitted transit case is available (request HVS-Case).

ISO17025 accredited calibration is included up to 150 kV dc and up to 100 kV ac rms (50 or 60 Hz).

Ohm-Labs' HVS High Voltage Standard, Up to 150kV

  • Please allow 4 weeks for this product to arrive. 

    This product has a 5 year warranty. 

  • Please see description and photos for full breakdown of specifications.





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