The KVVB is an economical, stable, high accuracy voltage divider for measurement of dc voltages up to 10 kV.

A recent design upgrade has changed the output terminals to low thermal emf 5-way binding posts, improved ratio accuracy to <0.01 %. and replaced the older style exposed input post with a high voltage cable and locking connector.

The KVVB has four corner holes for fixed installation.

Earlier Julie Research Labs designs are available and fully supported.

Standard models are 10 kV to 10 V or 1 V. Other ratios and input / output combinations are available, often at no additional cost.

All Ohm-Labs high voltage dividers are supplied with ISO 17025 accredited, traceable calibration.

The KVVB has a two year warrantee.

Please see our KV-A portable dividers to 30 kV dc / 20 kV ac, and our HVS High Voltage Standard for the highest precision measurement applications.

Ohm-Labs offers ISO17025 accredited calibration of high voltage instruments by all manufacturers.

* Stated accuracy includes 0-100 % voltage, plus calibration uncertainty, plus 18-30 °C operation, plus expected 12 month stability.

Ohm-Labs' KVVB 0.01 % Compact Precision Divider, Accuracy To <0.01 %

  • Please allow 4 weeks for this product to arrive. 

    This product has a 5 year warranty. 

  • Please see description and photos for full breakdown of specifications.



    0.01 % RATIO ACCURACY *