The Saluki S1131 RF signal generator provides engineers with a “Smaller, lighter and easier” solution for 3GHz signal-generation applications. While it is an entry level instrument, the S1131 provides most commonly used functions an engineer needs such as CW signal generation, AM/FM/PM/Pulse modulation, digital modulation (ASK, FSK, PSK), Up-converting, LF output etc. The S1131 supports SCPI so it is easy to build your own programs for remote control. It is also very suitable and attractively priced for use in the education market. 


Key Features

  • Frequency coverage from 100 kHz to 3 GHz
  • Excellent specifications
  • AM,FM,PM,Pulse modulation function
  • ASK, FSK, PSK modulation function
  • Small size, low weight
  • Friendly UI, easy to use

Saluki S1131 RF Signal Generator 3 GHz

  • Frequency Range

    100 kHz - 3 GHz

    Sweep Modes

    Step Sweep / List Sweep

    Output Power Range

    -120 dBm - 10 dBm

    Output Power Resolution

    0.01 dB

    Power Accuracy

    +10 dBm to -80 dBm: <±0.5 dB
    -80 dBm to -120 dBm: <±1 dB




    RF Output Interface

    N type 50 Ω

    Telecommunication Interfaces

    USB, LAN


    340× 230×110 mm


    <5 kg

    Operating Temp.

    0 - +45 ℃

    Power Supply

    110 - 240V 50/60 Hz AC

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