The S3101 is a new generation Cable and Antenna Analyzer that boosts your troubleshooting and testing speed while optimizing usability. Utilizing the latest advancements in technology, the S3101 has been optimized for field conditions, ease of use, and efficient sweep management capabilities. 


Model S3101A S3101B
Frequency Range 1MHz - 4GHz 1MHz - 8GHz
Frequency Uncertainty ±2×10-6 (23°C) ±2.5×10-6 (23°C)
Frequency Temperature Stability ±1×10-6 (10°C) ±1×10-6 (10°C)
Frequency Resolution 1kHz 1kHz
Directivity >=42dB (Mechanical calibration) >=42dB (1MHz - 6GHz)
>=35dB (Embedded electronic calibration) >=36dB (6GHz - 8GHz)
Source Match >=31dB (Mechanical calibration) >=31dB
Reflection Track ±0.08dB (Mechanical calibration) ±0.08dB
Test Port N type (F)
10 Ref In/Ref Out BNC
GPS Antenna Port BNC
Data Storage USB, Mini USB, Mini SD
Network Port LAN RJ45
Audio Out Headphone port
Output Power Range 0 to -30dBm
Return Loss Range -100dB to 100dB
Return Loss Resolution 0.01
VSWR Range 1 - 65
VSWR Resolution 0.01
Cable Loss Range 0 - 30dB
Cable Loss Resolution 0.01dB
Sweep Points 2 - 1001
Sweep Time (10k IF bandwidth) 1ms/point

This product comes with a 3 year (36 month) warranty from the manufacturer.

    Saluki S3101A/B VNA Cable & Antenna Analyzer (1MHz - 4/8GHz)

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