The S3503 Series Signal / Spectrum Analyzer is featured with excellent dynamic range, low phase noise, precision amplitude and high testing speeds. It has multiple spectrum / signal analysis functions. 



A: 3Hz - 4GHz

B: 3Hz - 9GHz

C: 3Hz - 13.2 GHz

D: 3Hz - 18 GHz

E: 3Hz - 26.5 GHz

F: 3Hz - 40 GHz

G: 3Hz - 45 GHz

H: 3Hz - 50 GHz

L: 3Hz - 67GHz  


Key Features

  • Wide frequency range: 3Hz - 67GHz
  • Optional Extenders extends frequency up to 325 GHz.
  • Maximum analysis bandwidth up to 200MHz.
  • Comprehensive spectrum analysis.
  • FFT sweep supported.
  • Multi-domain correlation analysis and signal playback.
  • Support analogue and digital signal output interface.

Saluki S3503 Signal/Spectrum Analyzer (up to 67GHz)