The S3601 is a powerful and efficient Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) widely used in industries like wireless communications, cable TV, and automotive electronics, etc. 
The S3601 can be used for accurate measurement to filters, amplifiers, antennas, cable etc. S3601 has a LCD screen and a friendly GUI. It also supports various interfaces such as USB, LAN, GPIB and VGA to build a measurement system.


Calibration kits available at a discounted price with purchase of any Saluki VNA. Please ask for more details.


Key Features

  • Frequency range 100 kHz-3 GHz / 8.5GHz
  • 125 dB wide dynamic range.
  • Multiple calibration methods.
  • Standard interfaces including USB, LAN, GPIB, VGA
  • Low noise level, good measurement performance.
  • Multi-window, multi-channel measurement display.
  • Various display formats including logarithmic amplitude, linear range, standing wave, phase, group delay, smith chart, polar diagram

Saluki S3601 Vector Network Analyzer VNA (up to 8.5GHz)

  • Model



    Frequency Range

    100 KHz-3 GHz

    100 KHz-8.5 GHz

    Frequency Resolution


    Output Power

    -45 dBm-10 dBm

    -55 dBm-10 dBm

    Max. Dynamic Range

    125 dB

    125 dB

    IF Bandwidth

    1 MHz-5 MHz

    Number of Built-In Ports



    Measurement Point

    1 - 16001

    No. of Measurement Receiver


    Reference Level Amplitude Setting

    Range: ±500 dB; Resolution: 0.001 dB

    Reference Phase Settings

    Range: ±500 °; Resolution: 0.01 °

    Measurement Fields

    Frequency domain and Time domain