S5104 Series Radio Communications Test Set, which is a multifunctional and portable model based on software radio architecture, integrates plentiful functions, like frequency-hopping signal generation and analysis, vector signal generation and demodulation analysis, analog modulation signal generation and demodulation analysis, audio signal generation and analysis, audio oscilloscope, automatic testing and so on. The tester is capable of major performance testes on transmit and receiving of radio communication equipment, measurement and analysis on feature parameters of RF, modulation, audio, and digit etc.


Standard scope of delivery includes:

User manual, power cord, N-BNC adapter, N-SMA adapter, and TNC-SMA adapter.


Main Functions

Auto Testing Functions of Radio Communication Equipment

S5104 series radio communications tester can create and edit models, parameters and qualified specification limits of DUT. Choose your DUT and connect testing cable, the comprehensive tester will automatically conduct the testing. It controls transmit and receiving of the DUT by PTT. When the DUT needs setup or the cable needs being changed, the tester will automatically halt the testing and indicate further operation. The testing goes on after the operation is finished. Qualified and unqualified items will be listed directly. Other functions, like storage, viewing, comparison and remote readout, are also available.


Transmitter Testing

S5104 series radio communications tester can conduct simultaneous tests on various performance specifications of transmitters, like signal power, frequency error, signal modulation characteristics, demodulation audio, and so on. Audio signals of transmitters can be provided and single/double tones are available for your choice. It can simulate pilot signals. 


Receiver Testing

S5104 series radio communications tester is able to send out FM, AM and SSB RF signals; analyze audio demodulation of the receiver; measures accurately audio frequency, voltage, distortion degree, SINAD and SNR.


Function As RF Signal Generator

Analog modulation of FM, AM, SSB etc and digital modulation of BPSK, QPSK, 8PSK, GMSK,16QAM and so on can all be output. The max. symbol rate of digital modulation is 5MHz. The tester upholds generation of 60MHz transient bandwidth frequency-hopping signals. 


RF Receiving And Demodulation

S5104 series radio communications tester is capable of demodulation and analysis of analog modulation like FM, AM, SSB etc and that of digital modulation signals including BPSK, QPSK, 8PSK, GMSK and 16QAM. Demodulation parameters and waveforms can be output. The max. demodulation bandwidth of analog modulation signals reaches 300kHz and the max. symbol rate of digital modulation and signal demodulation is 5MHz. Narrow band power measurement is available.


Sweep Spectrum Analysis

S5104 series radio communications tester has wide frequency band, high resolution, high sensitivity, big dynamic range and other characteristics. 


Frequency-hopping Signal Analysis

The max. transient analysis bandwidth of frequency-hopping signals is 60MHz. The display types are three-dimensional spectrum graph, time-frequency graph and time-amplitude graph. The tester can capture, store and analyze frequency-hopping signals. You can view spectrum and modulation domain graphs at any time. When modulation domain measurement is in progress, it is capable of accumulation and display of frequency points within any timeframes. Frequency-hopping points can be observed directly. Pulse signals and transient signals can also be measured.


Audio Signal Generation

Single and double tones are available for your choice. The max. output level reaches 7Vrms. 


Audio Signal Analysis

Audio filter is optional. The max. input level is up to 30Vrms. The tester supports measurements on frequency, level, distortion degree, SINAD and SNR, as well as audio waveform display.


Simultaneous Operation on Multiple Windows

Support simultaneous operation of 4 windows at most, each window can be enlarged individually.


Typical Applications

S5104 series radio communications test set is extensively employed due to the powerful functions and performances, which is used for R&D, repair, maintenance and testing of communication equipment. 

Saluki S5104 Series Radio Communications Test Set (300kHz - 1.05GHz / 3GHz)

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