SAG1000 series function/arbitrary waveform generator is a powerful arbitrary waveform generator with full functions. PC software is provided freely for user to easy operate and data management. SAG1000 has different bandwidth models for variety applications.


Available Models:

Model Digtal Channel Memory Depth Bandwidth Sampling Rate
SAG1032 2CH 64M 30MHz 500MSa/S
SAG1062 2CH 64M 60MHz 500MSa/S
SAG1082 2CH 64M 80MHz 500MSa/S
SAG1102 2CH 64M 100MHz 500MSa/S

Saluki SAG1000 Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator 30MHz, 60MHz, 80MHz, 100Hz

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    • 30/60/80/100MHz maximum sine output frequency
    • 2CH analog channels, 16CH digital channels, 500MSa/s
    • Support AM, FM, PM, ASK, PSK and PWM modulations
    • Max. 64M arbitrary waveform memory depth, 80M frequency counter
    • 16 channel digital output, together with the analog channel can rebuild the more mixed signals in daily practice

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