The Saluku SCK0YTL40-2.92 mechanical 4-in-1 SOLT calibration kit has been designed to provide superior measurement results when used with precision instruments. It is designed for use in both field and lab environments. It is a high precision component and should be handled with proper care. Excessive shock, torque, or power should be avoided to prevent permanent damage.


Key Features
|  DC to 40GHz frequency coverage
|  2.92mm(M) and 2.92mm(F)connector configuration
|  50 ohm Impedance


Available with two models SCK0YTL40-2.92 M (male) and SCK0YTL40-2.92 F (female)

Saluki SCK0YTL40-2.92 VNA Calibration Kit Y Type (DC - 40GHz) VNA

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    • Open: ±6°
    • Short: ±4.5°
    • Load: VSWR<1.17
    • Through: VSWR<1.15

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