The dynamic motor analyzer allows the testing of a running motor in its operational environment. Electric parameters are measured and other mechanical parameters are calculated. The aim is to receive an analysis of the electric motor, its mains supply, and its load conditions based on six electric measuring values. The Dynamic MotorAnalyzer is the ideal tool for this. It is a great extension to our winding testers, the MotorAnalyzer 2 and MTC2.

Schleich Technologies Dynamic Motor Tester

    • All in one motor analysis
    • Expert motor measurements/results without having to be an expert
    • AC mains supply analysis
    • Monitoring of motor supply on VFD-operation
    • Monitoring of the motor’s operation parameters
    • Determination of mechanical performance characteristics and torque
    • Analysis of load and efficiency
    • Under and overload monitoring
    • Spectral analysis to detect rotor problems
    • Energy balance analysis
    • Analyze energy costs with amortization calculations and payback time
    • Historic trending with data recorder function and event logging
    • All measuring signals and calculations are displayed (like an oscilloscope)
    • Combine the Dynamic MotorAnalyzer with EncoderAnalyzer
    • Extensive printing options for the display of motor test results
    • SQL-database for motors, sorted by manufacturer and type
    • SQL-database for saving all settings and measured values
    • Numerous current clamps and Rogowski current sensors available

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