The Encoder Analyzer is a tester for checking encoders in electric motors. Modern motors are often equipped with rotary encoders. There is a huge variety of encoders, making checking complicated. This is especially valid for electric motor repair and production. This complex check is very difficult without special measuring technology.


The Encoder Analyzer provides valuable services. It facilitates the encoder test by providing voltage to the rotary encoder and measuring and evaluating the signals. At the end the user receives clear GO or NO GO results.


  • Database: SQL
  • Multilingual: Yes
  • Mains Supply: 110V-250V / 47-63Hz
  • Software Evaluating Measuring Signals: Windows©
  • Voltage Measurement Channels: 3 x 700V

Schleich Technologies Encoder Analyzer

    • Encoder analysis without special knowledge
    • Automatic inspection of all encoder signals
    • Inspection of all signal pulses per revolution 
    • Determination of number of pulses per revolution
    • Inspection of all 90degree-phase shifts between signals per revolution
    • automatic inspection of all signal voltages per revolution 
    • Sense of rotation and encoder speed 
    • Angle fault per revolution 
    • Angle balance of rotary encoders 
    • EMF-measurement at all three motor phases to adjust resolvers, encoders or hall elements 
    • Storing the angle offset in the rotary encoder via data interface
    • EMF-measurement to determine the ke-value (voltage constant) during run-out and standardization to 1000 rpm
    • EMF-symmetry measurements during run-out 
    • Incremental encoder test with A - /A - B - /B - Z - /Z channels
    • Sine- Cosine-rotary encoder test with  sin - /sin - cos - /cos - N - /N channels
    • Resolver-tests
    • Hall element-test, evaluation of the three commutation signals 
    • Encoder interfaces via SSi, EnDat, Hiperface
    • Measuring module with 6 or 12 high-speed-measuring channels
    • Integrated adjustable voltage supply for encoders 
    • Integrated reference signal source for resolvers 
    • Windows®-Software to evaluate the measuring signals 
    • Measuring signals displayed similar to an oscilloscope
    • SQL-database for encoder types, sorted by manufacturer and type
    • Multilingual user interface

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