Based on Windows CE®, our new GLP2-ce testing devices offer numerous possibilities for the application as single or combination testers. With consistently improved measurement and control technology, the GLP2-ce testers have the usual compact and handy design.

GLP2-ce testers support the integrated automatic switch-over between all low-voltage and high-voltage tests. Therefore, the test object can be tested automatically in one test process without reconnecting the test connections. GLP2-ce testers are ideal for applications in serial production, no matter whether the test results are documented or not. Of course, these testers can also be used for type tests and material testing in laboratories.

The innovative touch TFT display, which also allows to enter numbers and letters, makes the GLP2-ce tester one of the most user-friendly universal tester on the market. The testers can, of course, also be operated via external standard PC keyboard, mouse and/or bar-code scanner.

In addition to thousands of test programs, the integrated 4GB memory can also store huge quantities of test results. This gives you the certainty to store test results of many years in the tester. You can save them on a USB stick or via an integrated interface on a PC. The GLP2-ce devices can control thermal transfer printers, allowing you to print type labels for your products directly after the test.

GLP2-ce testers can be operated in server-based networks. Test programs can be loaded from the testers and the test results can be sent back to the PC, where they are stored and processed. With Windows CE® integrated in the testers, this is very convenient.

Schleich Technologies GLP2-ce Universal Safety and Functional Tester (Modular)

    • Ground continuity test with 10A AC in 4 wire configuration: indication of resistance or voltage drop
    • Insulation resistance test: indication of resistance or current
    • High potential test with manual voltage adjustments
    • 3 modes: Manual, Automatic with Time Target and Burning, optional Residual Voltage Test
    • Acoustic error message and optical indication via signal lamps on the front panel
    • Integrated result storage for later data transmission
    • Interface for printer, remote control or result transmission
    • PrintCom software for storing and printing the test results on a PC
    • Digital I/O interface and analog actual value outputs
    • Designs: Table top unit, mobile caddy, 19″ installation
    • Self test via black box according to VDE

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